About Us!


To my new iMALiVE family my name is Brad and I am the owner of iMALiVE, LLC, clothing and apparel since 2021.

 God gave me this vision after coming out of a very deep dark place in my life.  All though I've had many dark places in my life, that time of my life, I felt very close to death. It was in May 2017, I was hospitalized with a rare autoimmune disease that had my whole immune system infected, I had 31 operations within my 31 days of stay in the hospital. I spent holidays in the hospital and it took me years to recover from that dreadful and depressing season of my life. 

 While I was laying in the hospital bed, tubes in my veins, many blood transfusions, I was unable to walk and didn't have an ounce of energy.  On top of all of that, the dreadful disease took the chances I had to be drafted into the NFL; after I had just completed my studies at Elizabeth City State University, in Elizabeth City, NC. 

 I know what it's like to need family's support, therapy and God to live.  I'm a believer, and I share God's word, to individuals who are being challenged with life. Those who need inspiration to get up every day to just put one foot before the other. I just want to make a difference. 

I am looking forward to help heal our communities through our clothing message.

Introducing to the world our Luxury Quality Streetwear our website is now LIVE join our family today! 

Instagram: @imlivethebrand


God Bless,


BD 🌎❤️